Mr. Theodore William Carron is best known for his wonderful and succinct book on church history, The Christian Testimony through the Ages, published in 1955 and 1956 as a series of six booklets and later as one volume.  Around the time that that book was being published, Mr. Carron contributed a series of papers on the public history of the assembly and on prophecy to Words of Truth from 1951 – 1953.  This book consists of those papers.

Mr. Carron was taken to be with the Lord on 16 November 1971.

The papers that make up this volume are very easy to read, straightforward and clear.  Mr. Carron does not confuse.  He states the facts.  The reader of this book will come away with a clear understanding of the prophetic timeline and structure. There are so many books on prophecy today and most are confusing and some are just sensationalistic. Mr. Carron does not sensationalise at all.

It is thought that a small and clear book of this sort will be helpful to all those who seek a better understanding of prophecy.  May the Lord use this little book for His glory and the benefit of His people!

Please order this book directly from Lulu Publishing at the link below.  The price is $4.50 and the book contains 100 pages.