Here together for the first time is all of the available ministry of Joseph Revell in 2 volumes. Mr. Revell’s ministry is very sweet and full of the fragrance of Christ but it is uncompromising. My prayer is that this rich ministry will be an encouragement and a stimulant to the hearts of the Lord’s people. I also pray that the Lord’s people will be encouraged by this ministry to stand firm for the truth in this day of apostasy and breakdown!

There was one very small volume of Mr. Revell’s ministry published in 1935.  It consisted of maybe 15 or 20 papers by Mr. Revell but it has long been out of print.

Mr. Revell was taken to be with the Lord in 1900 at 49 years of age. He was a well-known ministering brother during his short life.

This set is available in both hardbound and softbound.  The books should be ordered directly from Lulu Publishing.  The 2 volumes are available at the links below:

Volume One (Hardbound)  $22.00  (372 pages)

Volume Two (Hardbound) $21.00 (296 pages)

Volume One (Softbound) $9.95 (372 pages)

Volume Two (Softbound) $8.95 (296 pages)

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