This is a very large collection of articles, papers, addresses and readings on the Lord’s Supper.  There are approximately 800 pages in both volumes.  Please order directly from Lulu.

For more than 40 years I have wanted to publish a collection of ministry on the Lord’s Supper so that readers could have as much information as possible in one place.  When I was younger, I hunted everywhere to secure ministry on this precious subject and was only able to find bits and pieces.  Now it is all in one place.  This two volume set hopefully fixes that problem.  

Volume 1 Hardbound  392 pages ($23.95)—-volume-1/22350811

Volume 2 Hardbound 432 pages ($23.95)

Volume 1 Paperback 392 pages ($11.95)—-volume-1/22351211

Volume 2 Paperback 432 pages ($11.95)—-volume-2/22351246