In this simple little booklet, Mr. Gill seeks to touch the hearts of his readers. Using Daniel and his friends as examples, he shows how they stood firm for God in the face of idolatry and apostasy and the threat of violence and persecution.

This ministry is very fitting for this day as many supposed Christians have succumbed to the siren-call of this world (in its pleasure and its politics) and have given in and are worshipping the golden image.

What are needed today are men and women, especially younger men and women, who have purpose of heart, are praying and have proved God in their experiences with Him.  These persons will not bow before the decree of the king but will stand for God and what is right in the face of threat and persecution.  But what is behind all of this? These faithful men refuse to eat the king’s goodly food but rather partake of what is suitable.

I hope this pamphlet resonates with you, dear reader, and I pray that you will be exercised before God to stand firm for the truth, no matter what the consequences.  To stand firm for the truth guarantees persecution and suffering at the hands of the world, co-workers and even family but it also ensures the support of the Lord for us.

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