All Subsists Livingly in Christ – An Excerpt from a Paper by Thomas H. Reynolds

Now the world hated that which was so precious to the Father — that which came out in the life of Christ upon earth — they hated Jesus in His words and works, and they would hate the reproduction of the life of Christ in the disciples; for “disciples” are really those who have learned of Christ, thus they would be witnesses of Christ after His departure to the Father; but they would not be alone in their testimony, for the Comforter would bear witness of Him as there with the Father — gone within the veil. This was of all-importance for their testimony and fruit bearing, because they would not merely by the Spirit’s power bear witness of what they had heard and seen in One who had once lived upon earth, as men write a biography of one departed, but their witness would derive all its force from the fact that Jesus, whom the world hated, lived within the veil. “The truth” is not mere doctrine recorded, it subsists in Jesus in resurrection life in heaven. The Comforter was sent by Him from the Father as the witness of Himself there. Hence Christians, in order for fruit bearing and witness, have not merely to abide in certain truths or doctrines, but in Christ Himself; all subsists livingly in Christ, and that which would be impossible among men is possible for Christians through the witness of the Comforter testifying of Him as living in heaven. The spring and power of christian life is Christ Himself in heaven. “Your life is hid with Christ in God.” This is known by the Comforter’s testimony, so that we abide in Him though no longer upon earth.

It is this fact of Christ living in heaven, and by the Spirit known as being there, which gives force to our remembrance of Him at the Lord’s supper. We all know more or less how the most cherished remembrance of those departed gradually fades, for the simple reason that to us they are dead; but what makes the Lord’s supper a memorial to us as fresh as it was nearly 1900 years ago is the fact that He lives, and it is not merely that we love to remember Him in death, but we love Him who lives for us, while we remember that He died for us. In 1 John 5 this witness of the Spirit is brought before us in the most vivid way, and the great fact of the Son of God having taken up a position in resurrection is there witnessed by the Spirit. The water and blood witness that He died; “this is he that came by water and blood” are most wonderful and forcible words; who but the Son of God could have taken up a position for man by means of death, so that in Him in resurrection life, witnessed by the Spirit and the water and blood, there is propitiation, cleansing and eternal life.


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