A Fresh Jawbone — A Thought for the Day

Without Reserve


What love to give Thy Son,

O God, Thine “only One,”

Without reserve!

To send Him from on high,

Upon the cross to die,

As sons to bring us nigh

Thyself to serve!


And, Lord, Thy love untold

Could not Thy life withhold.

Must lay it down,

That we from judgment free

Might give ourselves to Thee,

And ever with Thee be,

Thy joy and crown!


That we with Thee might live.

O Lord, Thy love could give

Thy precious blood!

Thyself Thou couldst not spare,

For Thou wouldst have us there,

Thy Home of love to share.

And dwell with God.


And now that precious Blood

Poured out before Thy God

On Calvary’s Tree,

Demands us as Thine own,

To serve Thyself alone,

Nor ever Thee disown,

Nor turn from Thee.


May we, Lord Jesus. serve

Thyself without reserve

As bought by blood,

Thy Spirit calls that we

Should, thus, devoted be,

A sacrifice like Thee

And live to God.


Henry d’Arcy Champney



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