A Hymn by Dr. C. C. Elliott

Lord Jesus Christ, our living Head,

How bright Thy glories shine!

Unique in Thy humanity:

Eternally divine.


Thou wast before created things,

Of all the Author Thou;

Upholder of the universe,

To Thee as God we bow.


The creature mind, howe’er sublime,

Thine Essence cannot know,

Yet we, to Thee in majesty,

With reverence bend low.


But in Thy manhood’s glorious state

Our thankful hearts rejoice;

For of Thy body, Lord, are we,

Of love divine the choice.


Great source of wisdom, power and food,

All riches from Thee flow;

Thou on Thy church, Thy fulness here,

All treasure dost bestow.


So unto Thee, our glorious Head,

Our tribute now we bring;

In nearness, by the Spirit’s power,

In heav’nly measures sing.


Dr. C. C. Elliott


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