“The Last Days of James Butler Stoney” — Another New Book from Hold Fast What Thou Hast

Mr. Stoney was a well-loved and well-known ministering brother for many years (1830s through 1897).  His ministry was very distinctive and heavenly.  Here together for the first time are the documents detailing his final days (1895 – 1897) before the Lord took him.  Combined here are the diary kept by his daughter as she cared for him and all the papers and letters he wrote or dictated during that period.  Included is an eye-witness account of his burial and several letters written by his friends.  We get a real glimpse behind the scenes and see this man of God during his days while bedridden, cut off from his accustomed service, nearly isolated and alone with God.  Oh! but the glories he saw! A very affecting biographical sketch!  296 pages
Please order these books directly from Lulu Publishers at the links below:


Hardcover Edition  ($21.95)


Paperback Edition  ($9.95)



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