A Fresh Jawbone — A Thought for the Lord’s Day

“For both he that sanctifies and those sanctified [are] all of one; for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren, saying, I will declare thy name to my brethren; in [the] midst of [the] assembly will I sing thy praises. And again, I will trust in him. And again, Behold, I and the children which God has given me.”  (Hebrews 2: 11-13).


The Lord’s Supper

At Thine own Supper, Blessed Lord,

Thou dost Thy loved ones greet;

We gather round with one accord,

That we Thyself may meet.


Oh, how the feast which Thou hast spread

Tells forth that love of Thine!

Recalling Thee, we break the bread

And drink the cup of wine.


In love far stronger than the grave,

Thou didst Thy life lay down

For loved ones, whom the Father gave

To Thee, His blessed Son.


We were the Father’s, we were His,

And given, Lord, to Thee,

That we where life eternal is,

With His own Son might be.


Before His Face, in love supreme

As sons, in Heaven’s bright light,

The Father’s pleasure – wondrous theme!

Has placed us in His sight.


Thyself the Sanctifier, Lord,

And we the sanctified,

Are “all of one,” declares Thy Word,

In which our souls confide.


To Thee, O Lord, ’tis never shame

Thy brethren us to call,

Not e’en when all shall own Thy fame

And at Thy feet shall fall.


In chains Thy love alone could make,

We’re bound, O Lord, to Thee;

Those chains no power can ever break

Throughout eternity.


Henry d’Arcy Champney (1854 – 1942)


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