A Fresh Jawbone — A Word for the Lord’s Day

Webmaster’s Note:  Our hearts are anticipating calling the Lord Jesus to mind in the Supper when we will see the glories of the Lord and know His presence in the assembly.  Blessed privilege!


“…Jesus came and stood in the midst, and says to them, Peace [be] to you.  And having said this, he shewed to them his hands and his side. The disciples rejoiced therefore, having seen the Lord.”  (Johyn 20: 19, 20).



Thine is the love, Lord, that draws us together,

Guiding our steps from the wilderness ways;

Soon face to face we’ll adore Thee for ever,

Now our glad hearts would be filled with Thy praise.


While for this moment, O Lord, we have waited,

Oft has the Comforter spoken of Thee;

Now with love’s treasure our spirits are freighted,

Bowed at Thy feet, and the fragrance set free.


For us, Lord Jesus, Thyself Thou hast given;

Suff’rings unfathomed for us hast Thou known;

Now, in accord with the homage of heaven,

Rises a song from the hearts of Thine own.


Jesus, Lord Jesus, we love and adore Thee;

Glorious Thy Name, all our praises above;

Peerless Thy beauty, we wait now before Thee,

Moved are our hears in response to Thy love.


Miss A. M. Harding


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