Faithfulness in a Time of Departure and Knowing the Lord’s Present Mind — An Extract from Thomas H. Reynolds

“The more the perilous and difficult times surround us, the more does the one who stands for God need to be in the thoughts and mind of God from the scriptures, and especially to fully know Paul’s doctrine. To Timothy, anticipating these days, Paul’s word was “Preach the word.” Oftentimes the feebleness and solitariness of a feeble few, who seek to keep Christ’s word and not deny His name, is a painful experience; and there is a temptation either to be disheartened or to compromise in some way the testimony. Let this be the encouragement — never were darker days than in the time of Elijah, and never was the testimony of one solitary individual more brightly vindicated. May we be those who stand for God as living witnesses of the power of His truth; as those who know the present interest of the Lord Jesus Christ in His body on earth, and so counting on a plentiful rain, that heaven will be more known by the saints – the heaven where Jesus is; for there is still the flock of God upon the earth to be pastured and refreshed.”

T. H. Reynolds



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